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she who dares: wins

over 3,000 servings of win

blonde high heeled feminist
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angelina jolie; kate winslet; almost everything involving peanut butter and chocolate; wicked; friends; lady gaga; hating twilight; dairy queen; buffy; roller derby; pushing daisies; dancing; my nephews; making icons; veronica mars; most anything having to do with witches (except practicing); sports night; my new husband; wonderfalls; thursday nights at maxwell's; amy lee; my dog; evanescence; any book set in tortall; my friends - the best in the universe; dragon*con; fiddling with itunes;
layout: thefulcrum moodtheme: I somehow lost my credit info! please tell me if you know or it was you! sorry! :/


passive agressiveness; lauren conrad; any green vegetable; underwear up my butt; any reality television that isn't ANTM; twihards; jetlag; getting sick (because it happens all the time!); repeating the same mistakes; douche bags (the people. i have no real opinion about actual bags); poorly run fan panels at d*c; the phrase "like woah";

icons & stuff

i make a lot of icons and moodthemes and other such tomfoolery. it's all over at greeneyedicons. go on over. enjoy.


i always welcome new friends, so feel free to add me. i do have two preferences when it comes to friending: i want to have stuff in common with you and i'd want to know that you friended me. so just shoot me a quick comment anywhere that says OH HEY. FRIENDS NOW. ya know, in your own words.


alias, alisia, amy adams, amy lee, amy poehler, angel the series, angelina jolie, angels, anna friel, beer, bicycles-on-top-of-volkswagons, books, bucker, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, caedmon's call, caribou coffee, carnivale, changing my hair color, christianity, clothes, coffee, comic book tattoo, coraline, covenant pines bible camp, crotch freedom, dan rydell, dancing, dark willow, different kind of crazy, dixie chicks, dragon*con, eddie izzard, enchanted, equality, eternal sunshine, evanescence, family, feminism, flingin flangin, flirting, freakangels, fred, friends, frou frou, girl interrupted, glory, god, gwen stefani, harry potter, homestar runner, hookah, i'm a kraken!, ice cream, idina menzel, ilyria, imogen heap, integrate, it's a trap, itunes, jennifer knapp, jesus, jolie-pitts, juno, kate winslet, katee sackhoff, kerry cuda, kristin chenowith, lady gaga, lee pace, little miss sunshine, looking like starbuck, making fun of twilight, mason jennings, maxwell's, mean girls, mini coopers, minnesota, monster ball, muppets, music, mystery science theater 3000, neil gaiman, no doubt, not-fitting-into-your-box, open minds, opinions, parks and recreation, photographs, powerpuff girls, praying, psychology, pushing daisies, reading, robby, rowlf, sarcasm, scott pilgrim, scrubs, sesame street, shoes, shopping, shoshana bean, shut up and sing, smell of summer nights, sports night, stacy london, star wars, talking, tattoos, the face, the fall, the office, the west wing, the wreckers, theater, therapy, tori amos, totes, twin cities, twitter, v for vendetta, veronica mars, volleyball, vomit tux, water balloon sling shots, wendy's, what not to wear, white oleander, wicked, willow gate, winston, wonderfalls, word vomit, x men, your face


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